modern lopi

Lars Rains Modern Lopi Known primarily for his irreverent “Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?” from the early days of knitting blogs, Lars Rains maintains that everyone is creative enough to become a knitwear designer if they put in the time and effort necessary to master the craft. His design work pushes the envelope by juxtaposing colors, yarn weights and different techniques in order to create new projects using his beloved Icelandic wool. Lars firmly believes that knitters should try to learn a little something new with each project. Lars bought his first lopapeysa from his college roommate in 1989 and he still has it to this day. (It looked better on him anyway.) He learned how to knit because he originally thought that it would be cheaper to knit sweaters than to buy them. He knows better now, but that hasn’t slowed him down at all. His early Lopi projects were primarily monochromatic and textured, but today he challenges knitters to make bolder, brighter and more daring choices in their color selections. Having studied mathematics, music theory and criticism, film theory, gender studies and queer theory, these themes frequently crop up in his work in the most intriguing and playful ways. A retired New York City police officer, Lars now works as a special education teacher in Queens, New York and is always teaching, whether in the classroom or through his work as a designer and knitting instructor. Lars enjoys studying languages in his down time – the more obscure, the better. An athlete in his younger days, lately he prefers to hibernate with his husband and their two dogs and simply stay on the couch and knit. His deep affection for the people in his life, his cheeky sense of humor, and his adventurous sense of color all shine through in his work. He can be found online at and on Ravelry as ModernLopi.